Friday, February 25, 2011

Solitaire Queen

I'm sitting in school right now.
Don't yell at me, I'm in my joke of a computers class. On the agenda today: NOTHING. This class is mind-numbing. When we do have assignments, my friends and I get done a half hour early while the teacher is only on the fourth step. What do we do when we're done? Play solitaire.
I'm getting really good at it.
Not just normal solitaire, but spider solitaire too. After a while it does get boring though, and I can't stare at a computer screen any longer, so I do homework for another class. It's a very nice study hall.
Today was a makeup day, so of course I have nothing to do. I was king of productive though, I went through the college folder in my email and got rid of the unnecessary stuff, which was a lot. Still ten minutes left of class and it's only first hour.
Here's a random fact:
Sometimes, coke-a-cola is used to clean up blood spills on the highway.

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